SIAF 27th September 2017 Siena - Tuscany - Italy

Official presentation of SEEAR

The XXXVI SIAF conference was held in Siena, Italy, from September 27th through the 30th. Over 900 professionals attended, including ENT medical doctors, audiologists, and logopedists. They had the opportunity to learn about the latest medical and technological advancements in the world of audiology.


A noteworthy innovation that sparked a lot of interest was the SEEAR application.

This meeting focuses the attention on that presbicusis patients that no care about their hearing tend to development senile dementia

The biggest frustration for hearing disorder specialists is how to make their patients fully aware of their condition, especially those who suffer from presbycusis.

Several studies have shown that this type of hearing loss favors the onset of senile dementia (up to 5 times higher than in individuals with normal hearing, Lin et Al, USA). Early treatment has anti-aging effects and improves the quality of life by maintaining good communication and relationships, which are fundamental for anyone’s well-being. The patients that are not treated are much more prone to social isolation, lack of brain stimulation, and loss of neuroplasticity.In this point of view Sear permits to perform an adeguate, fast, and modern counseling for all the hearing loss patients and it could be considered easily a fondamental tool in the future modern audiology