About Us

Dr. Daniele Limoni, MD and Antonio Torrini

Antonio and Daniele have been close friends since their high school days in Tuscany. While they chose different career paths, their shared passion for beauty, music, and audiology has kept them connected. In the creation of the SEEAR audio visualization system, they have brought together their extensive experience in engineering and medical science.


Dr. Daniele Limoni, MD, is a certified ENT specialist. He received his degree in Medicine with highest honors 1995 and his otolaryngology specialization magna cum laude in 2000, both from the University of Siena. He practices throughout Tuscany and is passionate about studying auditory disorders and restoring optimal hearing to his patients.


Antonio Torrini is an experienced engineer, inventor and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. He received an Electrical Engineering degree magna cum laude from the University of Pisa in 1994. He has been the chief engineer at several technology companies, ranging from startups to industry leaders. He loves to tinker, understand how things work, and create useful and innovative solutions that make people’s lives better.