What is it?

SEEAR is a computer application that visualizes sound propagating through the human cochlea.

What does it do?

SEEAR models and displays in real-time the human cochlea, showing its mechanical displacement and electrical activation.

What are the applications?

Hearing loss patient counseling, visual feedback for logopedic rehabilitation, medical education, sound engineering, entertainment

Who is it for?

SEEAR is for: audiologists, speech therapists, otorhinolaryngology medical doctors, sound engineers, audio enthusiasts  


About the SEEAR application

The inner ear is a fascinating and complex biological system. It is so complex that creating a traditional mathematical model is practically impossible. But without such a model, real time accurate visualization would not be feasible. Solving this puzzle required a radically different approach.

We used digital signal processing to represent the behavior of the human cochlea with great accuracy. In the same way that digital algorithms are used to create realistic videogames, our SEEAR technology permits a realistic visualization of the auditory system.

Welcome to the digital age for audiology!


Why we created SEEAR

How hearing works

Causes and effects

Personalized hearing visualization


is for Physicians, Audiologists, Sound Engineers and Speech Therapists